Sunday 31 October 2021

Kaelo Rylanus - Hobby Update

Hi all

As I said in the last post, we are getting back to a bit of normality now with the studio nearly being finished. We have been moving bits around this weekend and started the foundations of the first table. Here is a bit of a sneak peak of the studio:

We are currently sourcing a few cameras so that we will be able to start expanding our coverage to live videos and YouTube content. Very exciting!

I am going to try to start a regular hobby update at least once a week to keep myself motivated over the winter months. I am currently finishing a few projects including a Thousand Sons cult, an Ultramarine detachment and 2000pts of Custodes. I will share some progress and fluff in my new series of articles.

I also have 4 copies of the Black Templar box set to use for my next project - my own chapter creation - the Ultima Templars. I will have a short piece of fiction soon to share about the chapters creation and roll within the Dark Imperium.

Really looking to get going and we have some projects we can’t discuss too so don’t forget to follow us as we start going forward!

Stay fluffy


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