Friday 10 December 2021

Space Marine 2 Trailer

In the 28 years since I started playing Warhammer it has been inevitable that there would be breaks as exams, employment and just general life got in the way of my escapism. There was always something that dragged me back - the stunning Eldar artwork for a new codex in 1998, the release of Lord of the Rings models a few years later and the amazing release of Space Marine on PS3 (heralding the end to the last break I had in the hobby).

I loved the feel of Space Marine, it was like Gears of War but in a (subjectively) way cooler universe. The hordes of Orks and the challenge of Chaos marines created a beautiful dynamic which helped capture what it felt like to be a Space Marine. I spent many, many hours playing the multiplayer with my brother Drake (from Battle Bunnies and Titan Owners Club) and a couple of friends from work at the time who were gamers but not tabletop gamers. Needless to say they both play Warhammer now lol.

So, naturally, last nights announcement has me positively giddy with the prospect of playing as Titus again and I can’t wait to see some more of the details. The small gameplay teaser suggests it is more of the same that we all loved from the first outing - except against hordes of ravening Tyranids. This is something I definitely want to be covering here and I can’t wait to get a few more details later today!!

Here is a link to the official trailer:

And stay tuned to today as they are having another two Space Marine 2 articles go up throughout the day.

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