Friday 29 October 2021

Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos - Review

Hi everybody

Today I wanted to take a look at a model that GW has recently sent us to review - Bastian Carthalos!

This model was previewed a few months back and is absolutely incredible. 

He was an absolute dream to put together and GW seem to have perfected invisible seams in cloak creases as you can see below:

The scenic base is nicely detailed too:

One thing I was particularly keen on, was to see how he would fit alongside Guilliman as a potential Vulkan proxy. Here is the answer:

Sadly, not too well. As Vulkan was actually taller than Guilliman then I don’t see this working unfortunately.

Still, with a big preview coming this weekend who knows?! There could be a Primarch coming right around the corner!

Finally, I wanted to give our readers a bit of a reason as to why we have been fairly quiet of late:

Most of our readers found us through event coverage and news, something which has been massively affected by Covid. Coupled with a hectic real life as people made up for lost time during Lockdowns 1, 2 and 3 in the UK - between our 5 authors we have seen 2 engagements, 1 wedding, numerous puppies and kittens being rescued, 3 house moves etc etc. However, following discussions we had as a blog earlier in the year we have decided to move into YouTube videos and expand our Facebook and Instagram presences. We have even had a studio converted which we will be able to have some awesome battles on in the coming weeks/months. 

Basically, we are back and we have some great content to start sharing and hopefully get back to our pre-covid output.

As always drop me a message here or my Instagram if you want a chat or have any questions!

Stay fluffy!


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