Tuesday 22 September 2020

Crusade: Cassalain Sector

 Following on from Aveinus’ post the other day, I am going to discuss more about the Cassalaian Sector and the also the planet of Catharn - of course this is the Imperial Designation for the planet and our two Xenos forces will probably have a different name for it. So here is an overview of the sector:

As we uncover more sub-sectors and other anomalies, we will be updating the map so that our readers can chart our progress. The Cassalaian Sector is a vast area of space that has been previously lost by the Imperium. It has been rediscovered by a few Rogue Traders following Roboute Guillimans decree after the Indomitus Crusade - Rogue Traders were sent to explore unknown areas of the galaxy and report back with any sites of potential future settlement (as per the fluff in the Kill Team: Rogue Trader campaign).

The first planet we will be coming into contact with is Catharn (drawn and with permission to use by XXXX), located within the

. It is a Verdant planet, much like Terra but far smaller. It has a 21hr day/night cycle and due to its abundant resources and being part of a sub sector that is very central, is an ideal staging ground for the Tau to get a foothold in the sector. Whereas the Orks have been drawn for other reasons...More of this will be fleshed out in the upcoming pre-campaign narratives.

The planet will be updated as the campaign evolves with different areas of control and focal points being show visually. Regions of interest will be highlighted and between Aveinus and myself we will be able to make some decisions on priority targets.

If you have better digital skills than me and would like to help out with some of the maps etc, please feel free to drop me an email at Kaelorylanus@gmail.com.

I hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are!


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