Thursday 17 September 2020

Crusade and the Cassalaian Sector

Hello everyone, 

It’s been a while due to Covid-19 with a few of us having been working through the lock down it’s meant there hasn’t been a lot of progress! 

However, after what really is years we’ve finally reached a point where we all have playable armies for 40K. I personally did manage to make some decent progress on my days off during lockdown and now the Bad Moons are ready for their first foray into galactic domination!

As a group we are quite mixed in our preferences whether it’s matched play or narrative. However, with the recent Crusade rules coming out with ninth edition, we’ve found a system that we think will work brilliantly along side our plans for a campaign.

So, what are we planning? 

We have all really wanted to run a set of campaigns over the past few years involving a particular part of space that can be a sandbox for our leaders and their armies to fight for dominance. 

It’s early days though so to begin with we’ll be playing right out of the box and will then probably add house rules in and campaign mechanics as we gain more experience with the rules or decide the campaign is missing something important. 

How will it be presented? 

We don’t really have the time or equipment to film and edit our battle reports and campaign progress so we’ll be keeping it simple in order to keep us releasing regular enough updates. 

There will be battle reports on the blog which won’t be blow by blow but they will give you an idea of how the battle progresses and how the key moments unfolded.

We will be letting the games tell the story and working the narrative around that so you can follow the campaign. Crucially the crusade system will help to improve the narrative and the character progression of our armies as the games unfold.

We’ll see if any house rules need to be brought in for this though! 

Finally we’d like to create a running history of our sector of space so we’ll have a chronology to the campaigns and battles so if you find us at a later date you can revisit the past victories and defeats of the sectors inhabitants. 

How will it all start? 

We’ll be posting over the next few weeks to give more detail on the campaign including the Cassalaian Sector itself, with a pretty cool map of it so you can place armies and campaigns. 

Initially the first two armies to invade this somewhat peaceful sector of imperial space and in particular the planet of Catharn will be the Orks and the Tau. 

You’ll hear more on these two forces in upcoming blog posts. But it certainly will be a tough adversary for the Orks to deal with! 

Future campaigns may then involve other armies we’ve been working on but we’ll leave that for now! 

So look out for an overview post on the Cassailian Sector and the two armies to first appear from the warp. 

There was no bias in which generic pictures were chosen for this post. 

But Green is best! 

Thanks for reading, 

Aveinus Kaane 

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