Monday 28 September 2020

Gorzods Bad Moons

Hello everyone, 

It’s time for the Bad Moons to show off their 50 power level for the beginning of the crusade set in the Cassalaian Sector and the planet of Catharn...

I’m not completely familiar with the terminology used in the Crusade section of the rule book but here’s the starting 25 power level list out of the 50 for Gorzods Orks.

A Bad Moon Warboss Gorzod is going to be portrayed as a more intelligent Warboss for an Ork at least who’s favoured deity is Mork. 

Although with his battlefield decisions being made by me some mistakes will definitely be made regarding his tactics in the heat of battle. 

We then have Gorzods Boyz, which will be the first boyz to travel to the surface of Catharn with him in a big unit of 30. 

This is try and give them some survivability as their lifespan will be particularly short especially against the Tau! 

The Ardboyz stratagem may be used in order to give these a 5+ save to again save a few of them where possible. 

To back them up we then have the Stormboyz to provide some deep striking movement in the early stages. Although Tau overwatch may mean these guys struggle and possibly not get in at all if they fail a charge. 

Finally it’s Gorzods Uva Boyz. Just a unit of ten these will have to try and stay out of the way and claim an objective. 

I’m wanting to try going infantry focused initially but we’ll see how this goes with the shooting they’ll face, including a Trukk would have been nice but at 25 Power it’s not really possible. Unless I go for smaller units of boyz.

So there you have it, Gorzods initial scouting force who will be making planetfall. 

It’s going to be hard playing against the Tau with Orks so there will be a lot to learn and I think we may have to adapt the force as things progress to having some transports and some shooting but we’ll see! 

I’ll be providing some initial narrative for why Gorzod is at Catharn soon in another post and then I’ll also show the full 50 power level roster. 

Thanks again for reading, 

Aveinus Kaane 

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