Sunday 20 October 2019

Kaelo Rylanus Painting Update

Hi all

Just wanted to share today’s painting update. At the start of the competition we divided a chunk of Sector Mechanicus terrain up between us all as evenly as possible. We then said it was worth 1000 competition painting points if it was completed. Well, after many hours I have finally finished all the walkways I was assigned to do!

It has been a slog but I have been working on other projects in between. Including kitbashing 6 Gondorian Captains - there isn’t enough variety in the range for me so I thought I would just add cloaks to normal Gondorians instead of using the same £24 resin captain 6 times lol. Pretty happy with how they have turned out:

Check back soon for my next update and the belated review for Warcry!

Stay fluffy!


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