Monday 3 June 2019

New Fantasy War Game

Hi all

Just wanted to take a moment to promote a project which I am very excited about. One of our authors, Kaelo Rylanus, has designed his very own 20mm fantasy war game called Drakenheim. This will be a dark fantasy setting, with quick and punching rules, slowing anything from small skirmish level, to huge scale battles to take place in a single evening. 

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the play testing of this game, and an confirm that the rules are very simple to follow, and yet highly tactical. 

Here is a link to the Drakenheim blog, where there are details of the 4 unique factions that will be released, as well as a few gameplay focuses.



Knight Order


I also know there is a further 8 factions to be released, as well as siege and navel expansions. Also, if funded, there will be a novella commissioned by none other then former winner of the David Gammell award and black library author, Gavin Thorpe. 

This project is due to be launched on Kickstarter on 4th June. Here is a link to preview.

I will defiantly be pledging towards this, as I know how fun the game is, and I really hope that enough people will feel the same for the project to reach its goal. Also, one of the stretch goals is to produce the models in 32mm, so they could could be used for other games systems as well. 

Take care :-)

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