Thursday 16 May 2019

Drakenheim Faction Focus - Corustir

Hello everyone and welcome to the first faction focus.

We will be using these articles as an opportunity to have a brief introduction of the four factions from our first Kickstarter.

Today we are looking at the Corustir:

The Corustir are the most common type of societal elves in Mythrandris. They often have vast cities and strongholds that owe allegiance to a royal house. Elves as a race, are often very secretive and reclusive, dealing with other factions on their own terms and protecting their own interests above everything else. The Corustir are an example of this - however it is not uncommon for a royal house to have allegiances with the other races. It is also equally likely to find two Corustir houses that are outright at war with each other. While less likely to be nomadic, it is not unheard of to meet caravans or outposts of Corustir throughout Mythrandris - even as far north as the Great Glacier. They are formidable warriors, artisans and scholars and where an elven society takes root invariably becomes a hub of commerce and trade in that region.                    

How they play: 
The Corustir are currently the most elite army available in the game. They excel in almost all areas leading them to have a lower model count. They are particularly strong in organised close combat where foes will need to bring superior numbers and flanking manoeuvres to really break them down. The Corustir wield light magic for buffing, confusing and controlling their enemies before hitting them with brutal fire spells.

The Corustir aesthetic is a mix of historical Roman/ Greek, but with a subtle touch of High Elf too. We wanted to convey that they are a more disciplined and regimented force. The split between male and female models will be around 50/50 but for our first prototype and render we choose a female to balance out the first four factions. The model stands 20mm to the eyes and will come on an 18mm base. We hope that the models will be multi-posable so that people can make some great poses of their own. Their troops come with sword and shield options but there will be a stretch goal that will allow for spear and shield. The elite unit wields a double handed sword - excellent for hacking apart heavy foes. The Corustir will have a ranged unit equipped with long bows for thinning enemy hordes and a cavalry unit which will have the same aesthetic as below but will be on horseback with spear and shield. Elite, archer and cavalry units will also come with an option to add a lieutenant to the force - who can act as sub-commanders for large armies or the nominated commander of smaller armies and skirmish forces.

As an add-on, pledgers will be able to buy mages and warlords which will come in male and female variants, mounted and on foot - depending on popularity, these may end up as high quality resin.

The Corustir architecture is very ornate and spacious - we wanted to convey an established and developed society with very clean and clear lines and features. The renders below show a medium sized dwelling in both complete and ruined form. The building is modular and additional stories can be added and extra roofs purchased for customisation. We aim to have a large range of terrain including a Corustir tavern, Blacksmith and merchant shop as well as small, medium and large dwellings. What would you like to see?

To the future:
In the future we would like to add:
  • a cold weather unit with furs to protect from adverse climate conditions.
  • siege units (both attacking and defending).
  • a castle/palace/stronghold (both ruined and complete)
  • naval ships of varying sizes.
For our next faction focus we will be taking a look at the Drek. Check back soon!

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