Monday 3 June 2019

Drakenheim; Emerging Empires - Kickstarter

Hi everybody!

First of all I want to say thank you to Age of Warhammer for letting me use this channel to promote Drakenheim; Emerging Empires. It really means a lot. 

My name is Tim Wingrove, I am the director of Noctis Gaming Ltd and lead designer of Drakenheim; Emerging Empires. I have been a wargamer for 26 years, 8 of which I have been a blogger and written for 2 successful blogs - Battle Bunnies and Age of Warhammer. I have always enjoyed writing and modifying house rules to make games more fun, balanced and entertaining, so the natural progression was to write my own game.
I have always been a massive fan of fantasy and I have been inspired by books such as: Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The First Law and Name of the Wind books. I like these settings as they have a gritty realism but still feel fantastical. My aim was to create a game which can be played any way desired - from small RPG or skirmish up to siege battles lasting a whole day. I feel that I have achieved this and I would love to share it with you.

About the rules for Drakenheim:

- Drakenheim is a 20mm tabletop wargame set in the low fantasy world of Mythrandris. Battles are scalable from small warbands all the way up to large sieges. 
- The rules have been created to emphasise the importance of strategy, positioning and movement over lucky dice rolls and endless special abilities.
- A key design choice was to make sure the game felt realistic, while remaining fun for both players - this was achieved by having an ‘active and reactive’ approach to gameplay. For example, when an opponent targets your unit you will have decisions and choices to make that will affect the outcome.
- Although the game is designed to be realistic, it also encourages epic showdowns (imagine the legend of George vs the Dragon), where legendary heroes can do the unbelievable.
- Magic is exceptionally powerful.
- The rules will come in both imperial and metric measurements (this will be standardised for competitive or pick up and play games).
- The core rules will forever be free - this also includes unit scout reports.

Here is a look at how indirect archery works in the game:

Here is a look at how charging works in the game:

Although the beta rules are complete they will not be available until the start of September - this is because we have a play-testing pledge.

About the setting for Drakenheim:

- Mythrandris is a low technology, low fantasy world with a touch of dark horror.
- In the current timeline, factions are rebuilding and recolonising throughout the lands of Mythrandris.
- As stretch goals we will be fleshing out Drakenheim with a novella from Gav Thorpe and an art sourcebook from a phenomenal artist (who we are not allowed to announce as yet because he is under contract). 

About the models and factions for Drakenheim:

- We aim to release at least 12 factions. This Kickstarter is for the first 4.
- Humanoid models stand about 20mm to the eyes. Larger models like the Orgrek and the Minotaurs are around 25mm to the eyes.
- The models will come in multi part plastic kits for customisability.
- Where it makes sense - their will be both male and female models for armies.
- The models have been designed to have areas suitable for block colour (for ease of painting) but to also have nice intricate details.
Here is a look at the Corustir:

Here is a look at the Drek:

Here is a look at the Knight Order:

Here is a look at the Bhur:

Timeline of the Drakenheim Kickstarter:

Early June 2019 - Drakenheim will launch on Kickstarter.
Early July 2019 - Drakenheim will go to pledge manager through Game on Tabletop (if the Kickstarter is successful).
End of August 2019 - Beta testing weekend.
September 2019 - Beta rules released.
May/June 2020 - Pledges to be sent worldwide and rules published online.
May/June 2020 - If the stretch goal is reached we will have 1-3 Drakenheim themed evenings (depending on popularity) including a comedy musical/play in the Drakenheim universe (codename: Beauty and the Beastman lol) - followed by evening entertainment where attendees can get the pledges in person.

The future of Drakenheim:

- We will be creating at least 12 full factions.
- Terrain ranges will be created for each faction.
- A siege expansion and castles will be released.
- A naval expansion and ships will be released.
- An RPG expansion will be released.
- An App that can track club and friend groups empire building will be released! The App will also have a match finder option.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this project overview. There is more information here at the Drakenheim blog - and you can preview the Kickstarter here -
The first 1000 pledgers get 50 dice for free!

Comment below or drop an email to if you have any questions!

Noctis Gaming

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