Saturday 11 May 2019

Warhammer Fest Warhammer 40,000 Round Up

Hi all

We have been at Warhammer Fest today and sat through the Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and Middle Earth Seminars. They wouldn't let us take photos this year so I though I would do just a quick write up of each. Here is what I can remember of the Warhammer 40,000 seminar:

- Bandai marine comes unpainted!!

- Space Marines are going nowhere until the sales drop off.

- expect more primaris characters for chapters - not confirmed who.

- When asked if the Lion was coming back Pete Foley (head of publications) said 'Yes but I couldn't tell you when. I haven't seen anything so far' - it was said very tongue in cheek so personally I would ignore it.

- When asked who would return first - Angron or Fulgrim PF said 'they will come at the same time in the same box' - evidence that they were being tight lipped and couldn't say much.

- Apocalypse comes with everything for 2 players. The movement trays seemed to be particularly popular.

- when quizzed about 9th edition - I got the impression it was not in the works. However, a rules consolidation may be.

- when asked if the Chaos Knight would be an upgrade sprue the answer appeared to be a no - however there would be enough bits in a new box to go back and add stuff to your existing collection.

- the Chaos Knight households will have their own histories of annihilation and their own house rules. 

- Sisters of Battle were promised for this year and it still looks to be the case.

Sorry there isn't many images but the ban on photography really stung the post quality.


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