Sunday 27 May 2018

Changes to Summoning

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Today we will have a look at the changes made to summoning in 2nd Edition. 

The main change that will come into effect, is that you will no longer have to spend reinforcements points to summon new units. Instead, you will have to do certain things in the battle to gain a unique resource, then in turn use this resource to summon new units. This will be themed depending on what army you are using. 

An example of this would be the Hosts of Slaanesh. Because they revel in pain, both inflicting and receiving, they will receive the summoning resource when their hero’s cause and revive non lethal wounds.

The Seraphon on the other hand, will have to perform rituals with their Slann Starmasters and Saurus Astrolith Bearers. 

The one issue I have with this, is how can this be balanced when a summoning army is fighting an army that is not able to summon. Like Flesh Eaters agains Aelfs. I do like that it is thematic however, but I see unbalances when it comes to matched play. 

Let me know what you think in the comments down below 

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