Saturday 26 May 2018

Daughters of Khaine: A closer look

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Next up we have one if the newest factions in Age of Sigmar, the Daughters of Khaine

Who are the Daughters of Khaine 

The Daughters of Khaine are bloodthirsty fanatics who worship the aelven God of Murder, Khaine. These originally come from the realm of shadow, Ulgu, but have since expanded into the other realms. Their hate for chaos is unparalleled and are under the rule of the Shadow Queen, Morathi. 

Why choose the Daughters of Khaine

As I mentioned before, these are one of the newest factions in Age of Sigmar, with some incredible looking models. This Battletome was written with 2nd Edition in mind. Technically, this is also the first Aelf release in Age of Sigmar as well, all be it not what people had in mind. If you are fans of a dark aelves, then this is defiantly an army for you. 

How will they do in 2nd Edition 

There are a few new realm specific artefacts that you will be able to choose from. Here are a few examples.

This would be great if you find your hero surrounded, and you wish to do everything you can to help them survive a little longer. 

And this is a nice simple one to try and have your hero do masses amounts of damage against other heros or monsters. 

All in all, I do really like this faction. The o key issue I have with them, is I find it very odd that a force that uses blood sacrifices, could be a part of Order. For me, they would make a really nice evil army. 

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