Sunday 18 September 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Bears of Valour Stormhost Update

Hello all!

Quick one to show you my up to date WIP. I have been working on a few AoS projects recently - a writing project I like to call 'Scout Party', Silver Tower assembly and my Stormhost which you can see below!

Now, I like to go for a theme in my armies and that theme here is basically to go against the norm and have very few hammers. 

I wanted my Stormhost to look more Knightly.

And have a few bowmen too :)

Next I will be throwing some paint on them and then putting them on bases.

I will also be discussing more of my fluff and the fluff region of the realms that we will fight in. Looking forward to doing a bit of creative writing.

Stay tuned, stay fluffy :)



  1. Great stuff! Love the sword theme! Swords are cooler than hammers!!