Tuesday 30 August 2016

Aveinus Kaane; Ironjawz!

Hello everyone,

I'm back with a very quick post to show you what I am working on currently for AoS! This is a pretty new project so I have one finished Orruk to show you and more on the way. I'm looking to play friendly games with Kaelo and Darien but also start to hopefully attend a few tournments!

So I've tried to go for a nice and challenging scheme for the Ironjawz and then hopefully extend this scheme onto other Destruction units outside of the Ironjawz to make the list more competitive! From what I have researched I think the Ironjawz are a little bit too one dimensional in terms of their units and tactics so I think at the moment a matched play destruction would be better as a mix of its factions.

So I hope you like the model :)

These are just quick pictures I had sent to Kaelo and it is my first attempt at the scheme so I am hoping to improve on it slightly with next few Orruks I have on the painting table.

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane.


  1. This dude looks awesome! I love the Ironjawz army. Definitely want to do a small pirate themed force based around Brutes. Should be fun :)

  2. He is looking great! The yellow has come out really nicely!

  3. Nice looking model. Now we need some death units here and I'll be happy. Looking forward to this site building some more speed.