Tuesday 16 August 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Season of War Results

Hey all!

The blog is just finding its feet at the moment and so far the support has been tremendous. One of the things that really made me want to turn my AoS dabbling into a blog is the Season of War campaign. I think that the whole thing has been fantastic, with some really great production value. Unfortunately I haven't managed to contribute as I have been finishing my Horus Heresy projects for the Battle Bunnies. But the campaign has ended now and the results are in:

When I first read Gates of Azyr, I found the relationship of the Stormcast to the survivors as incredibly emotive. My favourite part came at the end where the Eternals met them for the first time. It showed hope. This is a small extract of Vandus talking to one of the survivors:

'We are salvation,' he told her 'We are the end to pain and the beginning of hope. While one of us draws breath, you will never be hunted again. We are the warriors of Sigmar, and this is the dawning of his Age.'

Personally I think that Order winning is the most interesting option as it gives a chance for the novels to explore more of the budding cultures and societies. Many people miss the Old World because it was a great backdrop with 30 years of history. With Order setting up 3 footholds in the realms there is now more opportunity for these sort of cities and stories to expand and exist. Before the campaign it was difficult to really introduce the inhabitants of the realms in any way other than the subjugated victims, destroyed by Chaos Gods. Hopefully we will now start seeing the Free People's getting fleshed out! This is all, of course, my opinion. What do you think? I am really interested to hear other players take on it.

Thanks for reading. In my next post I will be showing some of my Stormcast at the assembly stage and discuss my theme for the army.

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  1. Agree completely, it'll be great to have a 'normal' to compare everything to.

    I like that the realms by design give leeway for all sorts of weird and wonderful things and allow anything you want to do to be 'canon' as it were. But I think a baseline civilisation (like the Empire/Bretonia in the old world) will help make everything gel together.

    Here's hoping future novels are allowed to focus on some more mundane aspects so to speak. And I'm personally hoping for some kind of new "just normal humans" army so to speak.

    1. I certainly want to go for an area of the realms that will feel more 'Low Fantasy' than High/Epic! Probably with a reduced amount of Stormcast as I don't want them to feel too much like fantasy Space Marines.

      A few different human ranges would be fantastic and completely possible with the smaller faction designs that are currently coming out. Also, fingers crossed for some more female ranges and options.

    2. Definitely on all of those, I mean it already says "humanities bravest men and women" for the Stormcast per the lore, would be nice to have the odd she instead of he in the lore/novels, not like they'd have to do new models. Though I hope they don't have the 'these are the women' unit though, that's such a naff cop out.

    3. Yeah I would hope for a little aesthetic difference to signify female Stormcast lol

  2. It's great to see order win out in the campaign! Hopefully I will be able to contribute if they do another campaign in the future!

    1. Yeah I am gutted that I haven't managed to contribute with even a painted unit lol.