Sunday 8 December 2019

Info from the Open Day about Psychic Awakening

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I was hoping to write this up last weekend but never got the chance.

  • The events of the psychic awakening all take place before the Plague Wars.
  • The reason they have done the series is because 'the Indomitus Crusade was being described as Roboute Guilliman going around the galaxy in the vengabus saving the day. We wanted to show how grim it actually was during that time. Each book shows an example of what each faction MAY be experiencing.'
  • I asked if it was building to a major event and they said 'No! There is something coming and there are subtle hints throughout the books. Which book are we up to?' I responded that I had been lucky enough to have read Blood of Baal as a reviewer. He said 'ah ok. It won't have become clear yet.'
  • They recognise that the Primaris release and return of Guilliman was done poorly and this is an attempt to fill that in.
  • I got from what he was saying that this is leading to a new sandbox and the story will stop moving forward.
  • When I asked if the story arcs from Psychic Awakening have all concluded by the Plague Wars the answer was 'yes' and they both nodded at the same time.

I spoke with them for a while and this is my interpretation - the Psychic Awakening is not something major. It is a fleshing out of the period between the Gathering Storm and The Plague Wars. The intention was to bring some of the Grimdark back to the setting. While every major faction is getting something, from my understanding, it won't be anything massive (like a primarch). When I compared it to Malign Portents in AoS they said it was less important than that.

However, GW have been known to share false information or incomplete information so the above could be bollocks. But this was a genuine conversation with 3 of our authors present. I personally believe Fulgrim will be back soon despite what they say.

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