Saturday 19 October 2019

Iron Hands: My Plans

Hello again everyone, 

As mentioned before as the third part of the review I thought I’d do a post just showing what my plans are for the Iron Hands. It’s also to show I’ve been an Iron Hands fan for a long time over on the Battle Bunnies blog and I’m not just jumping on the newest band wagon! 

So here’s a couple of units I might look at using in my 40k army.

Unfortunately and god knows why forgeworld have stopped producing the Iron Hands contemptor! I have two but I would have bought a third to be a close combat orientated ancient. 

You’ve lost money their forgeworld! I’m sure there’s a lot of other players picking up Iron Hands who’d have gone for those contemptors too! 

With the lack of anything particularly punchy in the primaris range, I may have to use some cataphractii terminators. 

I really like the idea of having a predominately shooting based army but with a hammer unit that can be deployed as the enemy crashes against the Iron Hands anvil. 

So as mentioned in the previous review I’m trying to decide what company to do as my previous army was Clan Sorrogol in the heresy era. 

Now the issues lies with Sorrogol not having any 40k transfers by the looks of it but there are the forgeworld ones so I’ll maybe have to do a test and see how they look on the primaris models! 

So Raukaan may be the option to go with as they’re better in the fluff too. Sorrgol are in charge of defending the Medusan system and it’s surrounding dependent systems, however, Raukaan are more of a campaigning company for the chapter. 

This is more in line with what we’ll be looking at doing from a narrative point of view with any home brew campaigns we’re looking at doing. 

The Army list

Now I say this army won’t be a competitive list but we’re talking Iron Hands and they’re very good in general. I’d like to straddle the line between some competitive options but it’s mostly narrative for our campaigns, I may have to tone the list down if it’s too good but there’s not a lot to change!  

The list below isn’t written out correctly I know but it’s just to give an overview of what I’d like to include. Some of the points costs may be a little off but I’ll fine tune it the closer I am to finishing the army which is likely to be a while! 

Battalion Detachment: 5CP (Imperium Space Marines)

Chapter selection: Iron Hands

Battleforged 3CP

Battalion 5CP

Spearhead 1CP

Stratagem: March of the ancients -1 CP


Iron Father Feirros (110 pts)

Primaris Iron Captain (86pts)
- Master crafted auto bolt rifle; Power Sword
- Ironstone relic
- Warlord Trait: Targeting protocols 

Primaris librarian (98pts)
- Force sword

Primaris lieutenant (69 pts)
- Master crafted auto bolt rifle


Intercessors Squad x 10 (172pts)
- Stalker Bolt Rifle 

Intercessors Squad x 5 (86pts)
- Stalker Bolt Rifle

Intercessors Squad x 5 (86pts)
- Stalker Bolt Rifle


Remdemptor Dreadnought (161pts)
- x 2 frag storm grenade launchers; Heavy onslaught gatling cannon; Icarus rocket pod; onslaught gatling cannon. 

Remdemptor Dreadnought (161pts)
- x 2 frag storm grenade launchers; Heavy onslaught gatling cannon; Icarus rocket pod; onslaught gatling cannon. 

Leviathan Dreadnought (355pts)**
- March of the ancients 

+Heavy Support+

Replusor Executioner (324pts)
- x 2 frag storm grenade launchers; Heavy Laser Destroyer; Heavy onslaught gatling cannon; Icarus rocket pod; x 2 Storm bolter; Twin heavy bolter; Twin Icarus iron hail heavy stubber.

Eliminators x 3 (72pts)
- Bolt sniper rifle; Camo cloak

Eliminators x 3 (72pts)
- Bolt sniper rifle; Camo cloak


Stormhawk Interceptor (159pts)
- x 2 Assault Cannon; Icarus Stormcannon; two heavy bolters. 


**Now I’m quite certain that the Relic leviathan dreadnought is less than 355pts. I don’t have the book to know the points exactly but I’ll likely go with close combat weapons or close combat on one arm and a single ranged weapon on the other so I doubt It’ll be 355. 

With any spare points I’d likely make one of the eliminator squads into infiltrators or some more intercessors. 

The reason for going with a leviathan is that I want a chapter ancient dreadnought and I think making it one of the older dreadnoughts just means they are too small compared to the Redemptor dreadnoughts. I may end up toning it down if it’s very strong but I want to use the model at least. 

I also want it to look like I’d a expect a character and an ancient veteran of the chapter to look compared to the newer primaris marines. 

It’s a shame the older marines are going but I do like the scale of the primaris. I’ll be customising them with as much Iron Hands accessories as possible like I did my heresy marines. 

The army itself should work as a castle with the intercessors sitting with the captain, lieutenant and executioner as the dreadnoughts advance with Feirros. The interceptor will then act as an annoyance unit and I’ll use the eliminators as more fire support. I may swap an eliminator unit for more intercessors and have two squads of ten if need be. 

So it’s just an overview for the time being but it’s good to now have a plan of where to go with the army. 

Thanks for reading, 

Aveinus Kaane

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