Saturday 20 October 2018

Dispossessed Runelord

Hello everyone,

I'm back with another post to show you the models I have completed for my various projects. I am gradually making my way through my Dispossessed army with my runelord, warrior and hammerer units completed so far.

First to appear on the blog is my dwarf... I mean Dispossessed Runelord!

He doesn't have a name yet but he will be introduced once the campaign we're doing starts. Hopefully the first few skirmish games will happen during the next few weeks.


I will be adding a few grass tufts to his base and I may brighten some of the gold but other than that he is complete.

What's also nice is that he is another rescue from my Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf army. He's had a new paint job and I am now pretty pleased with him.

Because these guys are probably the best Dispossessed hero going I will be doing two of them.

Although there are only two Dispossessed heroes! (You can't count the Unforged because he's all but useless!)

Anyway, as for what I am currently working on, below is a work in progress shot of one of my new Longbeards...

I think he may still need a final highlight on the gold in this picture but that has since been completed.

If you are a Dispossessed player, then do not fear for you are not alone!

If you check out the Honest Wargamer podcast or their twitch there is a lot of love for the Dispossessed there as Nathan and Jonathan are both dispossessed players, plus there is a chap from Australia called Dispossesed Dan who is also interviewed frequently!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. The blues on the cloak and the Longbeard's gems are really nice. Those dwarves are some great miniatures!

  2. Thanks again! Yeah they're my favourite AoS faction. Even the older kits still hold up pretty well. I've got some Quarellers to post up soon that although they are monopose still look really good.