Tuesday 14 August 2018

Speed Freeks - New Ork Buggy Incoming!

New Ork buggies incoming and like the awesome video says, it’s about time!

Here are some screenshots I have taken from the video.

Plenty of exhaust!

Spikes wheels!

More exhaust!

Air intake!

Beautiful set of gnashers!

I know it’s just the first vehicle but it really sets the tone for the rest of the release. I hope that this will come in a box set like Gorkamorka, maybe with a bit of terrain? 

Really looking forward to this. What do you all think?

Stay fluffy



  1. i think first off: thanks for posting up more clearer and from many angles, photos.

    secondly and more importantly: all the buggies. all of them. shall be mine.


    1. No problem! It has been a long wait, hasn't it? Lol! I hope the the Orks get some great new models!