Tuesday 21 August 2018

Beastmen Battletome Incoming?

Hi all!

Don't usually discuss rumours but this one hits quite close to home (I am currently working on an AoS Beastmen force). So here is the rumour from Mini Wars:

For me, this would be a great chance to get Tzaangors, Warherd, Beastmen and various monsters into a workable list (which is what I am doing anyway). But I also feel it would be a great chance to add in Slaangors, Pestigors and Khornegors, all of which have been mentioned in various new books! It does say above that nothing else is coming but I need to have hope! It would be a missed opportunity if the above weren't released and if kits like the Bestigors weren't updated!

At least they will be getting their own endless spells (if the rumour is true) and this bull looks exceptional! It's head matches the design aesthetic of the minotaurs so I could really see this happening!

So what do you all think? If you have info and want to remain anonymous feel free to email me! 

Stay tuned for my Adeptus Titanicus review coming in the next few days too!


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