Sunday 13 May 2018

Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition and much more

Hi all

There was some very big and exciting news for Age of Sigmar announced at Warhammer Fest. So, I wanted the share all this with you and also give my opinions. 

The biggest of all the news has to be the announcement that Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition is on the horizon. This edition will have expanded rules, not just the 4 pages, and also help add much needed depth and background to the moral realms.

Malign Sorcery will also be added to this edition. This includes new and exciting ways to cast your spells, and also 3D interpretations of them in the form of new models.

I will look forward to see exactly how these will work.

With this edition, we will also see the release for 2 new armies. 

The first of these is a new Stormcast chamber, the Sacrosanct. 

I am not surprised that they are releasing a new Stormcast chamber seeing as though they are the poster child of Age of Sigmar, but I can’t help being a little disappointed. I would have much rather something different. Like maybe an Order human race for example. I can’t deny however that these are fantastic looking models.

The other army that will be released with 2nd Edition will be a new Death army, Nighthaunt. Now this, I am very excited about, and what I was hoping for in the Malign Portents release. 

I especially love the undead Skaven models here.

Other honourable mentions for Age of Sigmar are as follows. 

The voice for Gotrek Gurnisson in the up and coming audio drama Realmslayer, will be the one and only Brian Blessed.  

We also will have some new objective markers and double-height Azyrite Ruins. I am hoping they will do some complete building soon however. 

There will be a new Official Age of Sigmar podcast called Stormcast. 

We will be able to take a look at what life is like for the everyday mortal in the Hammerhal Herald. 

There is also going to be a lighthearted webcomic called Roll Models. 

Lastley, and be all means not the least (and defiantly the biggest) we have finally seen a painted Khorne Lord on Dragon. I fear my wallet will take a battering when this model is released. 

So, all in all, a very good event for Age of Sigmar with lots of things to look forward to. 

Let me know what you think in the comments down below

Take care :-) 

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