Saturday 18 November 2017

The Road to Terra

Hi all. 

The next seminar from the Black Library Weekender that I wanted to talk about, is the Road to Terra - The Horus Heresy enters its final stages. 

This seminar was mainly about the leading up to the Road to Terra. So a lot of discussion on some of the pivotal novels thus far, Unremembered Empire coming up the most. 


We were however given some great hints as to what we can expect. They advised us that John French is working on a novel called Slaves to Darkness. This story will be the final one before the push to Terra, and it will involve Horus gathering all his forces and allies for the final push. This book will be a who’s who of traiter Primarchs, containing all of them apart from Konrad Curze. The Ultramarines will make appearances as they attempt to slow down the advance of Horus. We were advised that Chaos will also make a contribution to this novel as the bargains that certain Primarchs have made with them are explored. 

This really does sound like a very interesting novel, even to the point of tempting me to get back into reading the Horus Heresy novels. 

Nick went on to state, that they are not sure how many novels or short story’s will make up the actual siege of Terra, however he believes the just 3 novels will not be enough. They really do want to do the series, and the siege justice, while also not drag it out longer than it should be. 

A question was pitched to the authors about how they will feel once the series of books was complete, and they all stated that they would be in shock, and yet very proud of what they would have accomplished. Gav then added that, although the series will be complete, it does not mean that an author could not go back a write a story set during the Horus Heresy. 

One last thing I wanted to add, was something that was said in the Iron Hands seminar, and that is there will not be a novel about the Titan Death. This is due to time restraints. 

One thing that really interests me, is where to focus will go on once it has all been completed. Could they do the the scouring, or maybe even go further back to the great crusade, or the unification wars. I guess we will just have to wait and see. 

I’m sure I will be able to give more information regarding up and coming Horus Heresy novels tomorrow, so make sure you keep looking on here for updates. 

Take care :-)

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