Saturday 18 November 2017

Future Black Library Audio Dramas

Hi all. 

I am currently at the Black Library Weekender and I would like to share with you some quick information regarding up and coming audio dramas from Black Library

The Geld

Firstly, we have a Raven Guard audio. This one will be about a Raven Guard strike force navigating a Tzeentch labyrinth. George Mann, the author of this audio, stated they took some inspiration from Silver Tower when writing this audio. He also stating that he is working on a follow up.

Corsair: The Face of the Void

Next, we have an audio by James Swallow. This will be a Rogue Trader novel. There was not much about the story talked about, however, James stated that this will have a Firefly feel to it, and that he hopes this will be the start of a series.

A Deadly Wit

The last one mentioned, is a Harlequin story by Gav Thorpe. This is going to be about a troupe hunting down an ork warboss. This will be the first of a trilogy, with each audio focusing on a different member of the troupe.

Keep an eye out as I will hopefully give you more updates thoughout the weekender. 

Take care :-)

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