Wednesday 13 September 2017

New factions for Shadespire

As we all know already, there has been 4 factions announced for Shapespire: Shattered Reflections. Stormcast Eternals, Khorne Bloodbound, Orruks and Deathrattle. However, Games Workshop have treated us to a sneak peek and some more playable factions. 

As you can see in the picture, not only are there the 4 factions mentions above, but there are also Fyreslayers, Skaven and a picture of Nagash himself.  

This really excites me about the game as it brings a lot more variety, and I'm sure there will be more factions added at a letter date. Shadespire is released next month and I am now more tempted to pick this up and give it a go. I would also be interested if Black Library decide to do something based on this game, much like they did for Silver Tower. I guess time will tell. 

Leave comments below and what you think of this sneak peek, and also what factions you are thinking of doing. 

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