Monday 11 September 2017

Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden Review

So, first of all with Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden, although this is a standalone novel, it would help to read some of the previous novels involving the Hallowed Knights tom the Realm Gate Wars series. These include War Storm, Ghal Maraz and Wardens of the Everqueen. This story picks right up where these finish. 

Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden really does have a little bit for everyone. The first third of the story is pretty much one huge assault the Hallowed Knights are carrying out against one of the last Nurgle strongholds in Ghyran. This shows great insight into the Stormcasts tactics in some very good battles scenes. 

Aside from all the fighting, there are some excellent character development. These include a scene with Sigmar himself addressing some of his Stormcasts, we are introduced to some new female Stormcasts, which I feel was an excellent move by Games Workshop as it really adds a new dimension to the Stormcasts. We also get to follow Tornus as he is forced to battle his former kin, and also return to the Garden of Nurgle, which I found very interesting and well written. And lastly, there are numerous intriguing Nurgle characters to delve into. 

So, overall, I feel this book certainly is a must read for not only Stormcast and Nurgle fans, but also anyone interested to see what happens next on the Realm of Life. 

Please comment below your thoughts on the Novel and also if you would like me to go into more detail in the actual story. If there are any other novels or short stores you would like us to review, then pleases comment below also. 

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