Monday 2 January 2017

New Years Open Day

Hi all!

Not a massive showing for AoS except for this display piece. Unfortunately the castle is not coming available again. Also, it appears to not actually be part of the AoS universe but an old display to fill a gap at the event. Still, it looks cool!

For Lord of the Rings however, there is a nice look at some models coming from Forge World.

First up is an awesome Gundabad troll

And some Iron Hill goat riders!! These look ace!

Also, a quick word about the game: It has been tremendously popular and almost all new kits and re-released have come close or sold out entirely. Very positive!

Finally let's look at Bloodbowl, again been very well received and sales figured appear to be showing it. Unfortunately the best we can hope for currently is 3-4 teams in 2017 including the Dwarves. Goblins will be next (in plastic) before they move to resin for an Elf team. They are currently hiring another sculptor! Here are some star players:

Will post up more info if I get any.

Stay fluffy



  1. Those Goat Rider look fantastic! And if that is not the best troll GW have produced in years, then I don't know. Any word on when we can get our hands on them?

    1. Looks to be about a month or so :)

    2. Also have the old Amon Hen set here for sale! Awesome!

    3. Nice, I can't wait! Guess I'll have to use the time and paint my other Iron Hills Dwarfs.

  2. Thanks for the photos Kaelo, this diorama is really cool ! Not a big fan of the troll, but those Dwarves are badass !

    1. Idaeus!! Brother! I have not spoken to you in an age! Hows you?