Monday 2 January 2017

New Years Open Day - Follow up!

Hi all

Here is a little bit of extra information I found out over the rest of the day:

Not being worked on. Not even on schedule. Will be done one day though.

The unreleased models from inside the new book will hopefully be released over the next year. It has been insanely popular. Once that is compete they will start working on Lord of the Rings which will include consolidating and updating rules for characters (Elrond has 4 sets of rules). This may also include updating models. Nothing is decided past Hobbit. They want to do more more scenery kits like modular Hobbit holes and Bree houses etc. Eventually they would like to flesh out more of the background battles like 'Battle of Dale' and 'War of the Woodland Realm'. They cannot touch anything from Simarilion or the Unfinished Tales.

Release schedule looks like
End of January - Dwarfes and Roller
March - Skaven/Dwarfe board
April - Deathzone Season 2 and plastic Goblin team
Next team is the Elf alliance - will be resin, only just started work on them. Will be around £40 for 12 models.
The final team of 2017 will most likely be Nurgle.
The first team of 2018 looks like Dark Elves. Followed by Halflings!

I hope you have enjoyed the coverage today :)

Stay fluffy



  1. Great news! If all the models, that have profiles in the new book will be released, ew'll have quite the packed release schedule!