Monday 10 October 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Bears of Valour Update

Hello all!

A quick update today to show some of my Stormcast progress. I have finished a tester model for my Stormhost - Bears of Valour.

I like realism in my paint projects and as such I tend to avoid highlighting. This also helps me get through projects quicker. To create depth on my models I use washes and glazes. For my Stormcast I have used Agrax Earthshade over my base colours. It gives a very dark yet shiny look. I have loads more in the works:

I have yet to decide if I will chip and weather my host. I hope that you like my work. My aim is to get 1000pts complete for the doubles tournament in December at Warhammer World. Are any of our readers going?

Until next time - stay fluffy



  1. Looking good! Really liking the gold!

  2. Very nice gold! Still haven't figured out a good gold for mine, it's a trim colour on my Stormcast and I want a pale gold but can't quite get it down.