Saturday 20 March 2021

Warhammer 40k - Drukhari Codex Review

Hi all

We have been fortunate enough the have been sent a review copy of the new Drukhari Codex. 

As always, I will have a look at the rules, and pick out some bits that really stand out to me.

Warlord Traits

There are 3 ways you can build your army. A Kabal, Wych Cult or a Haemonculus Coven. Each of these come with their own Warlord Traits. 

For the Kabal Warlord Traits, I really like Ancient Evil. With this trait, at the start of the Fight phase, you can select one enemy unit within Engagement Range of the warlord. That unit is not eligible to fight this phase until after all eligible units from your army has done so. This would be really good way of ensuring you Warlord always fights first. 

With the Wych Cult Warlord Traits, I would possibly pick Quicksilver Fighter. This simply adds 2 to the Attacks characteristic of the Warlord. I feel this one would be good in most circumstance.

Next up is the Haemonculus Coven Warlord Traits. I believe Master Artisan would be a good bet. This adds 1 to the Toughness and Wounds characteristics. This would make a huge difference to the survivability of your warlord. 


On to the relics, and I really like the Nightmare Doll. This can only be equipped on an Heamonculus and it means that each time the bearer would lose a wound, roll a D6. On a 4+ that would is not lost. This adds even more survivability to the warlord. 


Here is the new table for Power From Pain. 

I think it’s pretty good, and there are some abilities which treats the battle round as one more than it actually is when working out what buff your units have. 

Here are the Combat Drugs. 

These are always exciting to see what one you roll. All of which are really good. 


The last thing I wanted to bring up is the Stratagems. As always, there a tons to choose from, and I will pick a couple that really stand out to me.

First up is Hyperstimm Backlash. This doubles the effect of Combat Drugs for one of your units for one turn. This means you could have a squad of Wyches now at +2 strength. Or +2 to their weapon skill. Both pretty deadly I think you’ll agree. 

Another one that stands out for me is Potent Metallotoxins. This means that poison weapons will also effect vehicles. I think this would be great for a whole squad of Kabalite Warriors opening up on a tank with 4+ poison splinter rifles. 

That concludes my review of this codex. If you have any questions, or would like me to go into more detail in any section, then please feel free to comment down below. 

Take care :-)

Ghroll Kurz

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