Thursday 2 July 2020

Warhammer 40,000 Unboxing Marines

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This is a bit undercooked as we weren’t supposed to be discussing the product with you yet. Unscrupulous people who have undone hours of preparation by the Warhammer Community have leaked much of the new content and Age if Warhammer hopes they are found and dealt with. 

Anyway here are some of the pictures from our unboxing of the box set, focused around the marine half.

Beautiful box art. 

It’s a very large box, almost as big as the Dark Uprising set!

Some nice cardboard dividers for protection!

Tonnes of glorious models to smite your foes!

Here is the ‘Despoiler’ Intercessors. You get 2 sprues of these to make 10 Models.

Here are the bike sprues (awkwardly shaped for photos)!

This is the Lieutenant - probably one of my favourite ever models. 

The Captain. Another fantastic model.

The Judiciar, Eradicators, Banner Bearer and Chaplain. This sprue is overflowing!

...another divide! For hiding....

The Edge of Silence book and the Rulebook!

Here is some bonus pictures from inside the new Rulebook of - what looks like - new terrain!

As you can see, these stand about 2/3s the height of the currently released buildings!

I can’t be sure but these look like new pipes too!

And that is it for today. We will be showing the Necron sprues over the coming days as well as a wee dive into both the Rulebook and the Edge of Silence book.

If you can’t wait, the free rules are now available here:

Until next time!


Make sure you get in early and order yours! We suggest Battleground Gaming. Fantastic service and really great prices!

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