Tuesday 11 February 2020

Kill Team and Warcry Tournaments

Hi everybody!

The authors here at Age of Warhammer are interested in starting to run some regular events. We are based around Milton Keynes and Northampton and we have access to quite a few venues. 

Before we go ahead and book anything we wanted to establish how much interest there would be? We would provide nice boards and terrain and we would do awards for various achievements such as best painted and star player. 

We would like to do Kill Team and Warcry events which would last a weekend, 4 or so games a day for about 16 players (more if the interest is there). 

If you would be interested drop me an email at kaelorylanus@gmail.com and let me know:
- Which system would you be interested in?
- Would you prefer narrative or competitive?
- For Warcry, would you like to achieve a campaign path?
- Would you rather do a single day or weekend event?
- What sort of price point do you see as reasonable?
- Let me know any other thoughts you have!

I look forward to reading your responses!


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