Wednesday 23 October 2019

Warcry Review

Hi all

Today I will be reviewing the Warcry! This has been delayed due to the painting competition that we are currently running and as such we are a wee bit behind on posting these reviews up.


Warcry is a skirmish game set in the mortal realms and the starter set is jam packed with models, cards, dice and terrain. In fact, the starter set comes with 2 gangs – the Iron Golems and Untamed Beasts – as well as some pretty nifty little beasts called Raptoryx and Furies. 

As well as amazing models, the starter set comes with a 2 sided board and a tonne of terrain – which for me is one of the biggest selling features and the reason I have actually purchased a second box…


So, lets take a look at my top 5 favourite things from the starter set:

1. First up must be the Iron Golem - which I have actually already painted up as part of the blogs painting competition. The design of these models is amazing. They are so full of character and have this really dark fantasy feel to them which I love. They are one of the slower but more durable gangs in the game, but they do have the ability to pack a punch. They are described as smiths and are responsible for making much of the weaponry the Everchosen use. 


2. As discussed above – the terrain is incredible and I knew I needed more sets. I have started trimming my first set and will be using some dark sprays to hopefully create a realistic and worn effect on them.


3. I really like that there are 3 ways to play the game straight out of the box and as a narrative driven gamer I was immediately drawn to the campaign system and the interesting way in which it works. Once you have chosen and painted your gang, you can choose a path to accomplish which is basically a story, personal to you. This is a very unique approach as usually the players in a campaign will have an entwined narrative, which is simply not the case in Warcry. During your gangs campaign you will fight missions much like any other Warcry game, against any opponent that you can find. Once the battle is concluded you follow the aftermath sequence where you gang can grow in strength or injured warriors can even die. You can even gain loot and treasure! Your gang will progress, gaining artefacts and powering up and once this stage is completed the gang moves one step along the progress tracker. Eventually you will come across quests called convergences, where you will have to play and win a special convergence battle. There are 3 of these convergence battles along each path, each with a different reward and the 3rd leading to the end of your campaign…so why not start another? I think this is a really interesting mechanic and I am really looking forward to having a go!



4. I like all the cards and tokens that come in the set. They are really good quality and feel quite rugged. I also like that the warriors cards come in the box (or relevant gang set) as it will mean that they will be easy to replace for future editions etc. 

5. Finally, I am quite a big fan of the deployment mechanic. You divide your force into 3 deployment groups – the shield, the hammer and the knife. When you set up the battlefield, the game being played determines where each of these groups is deployed. This can mean that your gang is set up completely separate from each other and can lead to some really cool looking first turns. For me, this is a very interesting decision and now that I have painted my first gang I can’t wait to give it a go…


During my final thoughts I wanted to take a look to the future and how I plan to integrate Warcry into my hobbying. I have been so taken with what I have seen so far, from the aesthetic in the models and terrain to the very different mechanics like deployment and the campaign system. I have painted the Iron Golem, which I will show in a future post, and purchased a second gang – The Unmade (which I cannot wait to complete as they are disgusting!). I have also purchased the monsters and mercenaries book as well as 2 of the terrain sets – I know, I just can’t help myself! To be honest I really can’t wait to get some games going and I would actually be looking at running some 8-16 player tournaments in the future (please send me an email if this interests you and I will see if I can get a chat going – 

Anyway, thank you for reading my review. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Please leave a comment or ask questions if you have any 😊

Stay fluffy


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