Wednesday 30 October 2019

Kaelo Rylanus Painting Update Gondor Captains

Hi all

This morning I wanted to show you my finished Gondor Captains.

These were kitbashed by adding a cloak (there isn’t enough variety in the Minas Tirith range unless you don’t mind identical captains at £24 for a set.

Really happy with how these turned out and gave me a chance to practice with Green Stuff - which I will never use again now I have found Brown Stuff, which is superior in my opinion.

Tonight I will be finishing 24 Gondor archers and then my Minas Tirith army is nearly complete, just need to add in 12 Knights and 2 Knight Captains and I am done! 

Thanks for reading my post and I will show them again when I have finished all the basing!

Until next time, stay fluffy!