Thursday 26 September 2019

Untamed Beasts Competition Result

Hi all

After sifting through the many/two entries for the competition, the blog authors here have made a decision!

Congratulations to Spoil Master! 

Here is the winning entry:

Garanor and his untamed beasts are from the Lufpeak Penisular in Ghur. Passing through Realmgates and crossing leagues of the Mortal Realms they have made their way to the Eightpoints. Challenging anyone that crosses their path, Garanor's band have become known simply as 'The Feared' due to their insatiable bloodlust and the brutal, ruthless manner in which they enact it. Adorned by the pelts of some of the Eightpoints most feral creatures, The Feared have become an imposing and recognisable foe that rival warbands now like to follow to one day test their own mettle.

Spoil Master, please email me at so I can get your address. 



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