Tuesday 10 September 2019

Kaelo Rylanus Painting Competition

Hi all!

Been a week away for me as I was visiting family in Isle of Wight! 

With the release of another army I don’t like for AoS, I have decided to shelf my Sylvaneth and do something a bit different. Enter Warcry!

I have always been into darker fantasy settings and grim dark paint styles so I have decided to use the Warcry models as an opportunity to try out some more subdued painting styles and have a go with technical paints like Blood for the Blood God. 

Here is my first legionary. 

I am pretty happy with how he has turned out and I know I can definitely do better next time. 

I have some ideas for Warcry so stay tuned for a post about it in the future. 

I also spent the evenings in the IoW doing some of my mechanicum terrain. Here is a quick peek:

I hope to complete them this week as they are worth a whopping 500pts in the conpetition!

Thanks for reading the post and be sure to support Battleground Gaming - without them there would be no competition! Use the code IMPERIAL during check out so they know where you heard about them :)

Until next time, stay fluffy!


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