Friday 8 March 2019

Decisions, Decisions!

Hello everyone,

Tonight it’s a bit of a work in progress report ahead of the Shadowspear reviews!

I’ve currently got a decision to make regarding what I spend most of my hobby time working on with my 40k and Age of Sigmar armies needing some love.

As you know I’m working on Dispossessed, but I also have 40k Ork projects and a new AoS army that I’ve started working on... 

Slaanesh! I’m not sure Valaya will forgive me for this but the reason is because I’d like to start attending some Age of Sigmar events and the Dispossessed just aren’t remotely competitive. 

Not that I’d expect to do well but I’d like to win a couple of games at least! Slaanesh armies are doing well and are due a book after the release of Wrath and Rapture. 

As for the Dispossessed the future is pretty uncertain when it comes to a book being released for them. I think the best bet is a combined book with Fyreslayers and Kharadron Overlords but that could also prove to be wrong. 

So do I shelve the Dispossessed until they get a book or go for Slaanesh which will be a much faster army to paint up. Decisions, decisions! 

I have spent today almost finishing my Longbeards though, just the final gold highlight, gems and banner to go! 

Because I do want to take my time with my Dispossessed it is going to be a longer army to paint but I am 850 points in. 

I have also painted a few Daemonettes up to near completion although I will show you these in their own post. 

Finally it’s my 40k Ork progress! For this I basically need to paint up about 40 Ork Boyz which feels like an impossible project, but I have started on the next ten boyz to complete a squad of 30. 

I also need to complete a unit of 10 Tankbustas and here are the first two...

The only problem being finding the parts to make ten boyz with rokkits as I think the actual tankbustas kit is very dated now. 

I will start to show 40k progress on here now too and I will post up my completed units for my Bad Moons. 

That’s all for now but I have some thinking to do, as much as Dispossessed are my favourite army they really need some attention from GW to start to stand a chance of appearing at events. I’m also sure the new Keeper of Secrets model will be brilliant and I will need to buy it!

Let us know if you have or have had any hobby dilemmas like this yourself before in the comments.

Thanks for reading, 

Aveinus Kaane

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