Saturday 9 February 2019

Urban Conquest - Starting a City

Hi all

This is going to become quite a regular topic for the next few months as well as a variety of model projects as we have started a points based painting challenge - I will explain this more in a post tomorrow evening.

For now though I wanted to show you what Ghroll and I are going to be working on - a tonne of city building!

We have the buildings from 4 sets of the Kill Team starter:

We also have a Sanctum and a pair of both the Imperial Sector and Mechanicum (at least 3 more sets are coming) terrain:

And we also have some foam board to help those kits go a bit further lol.

One of us will hopefully be showing you some WIPs later this week but for now we are going to start planning and start trimming!

Stay tuned for more and make sure you follow us :)


Ps. Get your terrain here: and enter the code BGUK in the notes to let them know who referred you :)

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  1. Wow that's goining to be a great looking table! But it seems a massive undertaking only to put them together nonetheless paint them. I wish you good luck and all the fun such a project is.