Wednesday 13 February 2019

Dispossessed Quarrellers

Hello everyone, 

I’m back to show you my Quarreller unit for my Disspossessed army! 

There’s likely to be 30 of them eventually but I’ll only be aiming for 20 in the near future 

They’ve been at a point of being almost finished for a while now but over the last few days I’ve been completing bases and a few details for a small game I have planned this week. 

I’d like to complete some free hand writing on the banner for the quarrellers list of grudges but I have yet to summon the courage to give it a go!

I think some testing and practice will be needed before I go for it. 

I’ve really enjoyed painting these guys as I think I’ve perfected my recipe for the blue but it is a long process of blending layers together. 

For the blue I start with Caledor Blue into Teclis Blue Hoeth Blue and a final edge highlight of Lothern Blue. I do mix the paints at each stage to help the graduation from dark to lighter parts of the cloth or armour. 

Gaming wise I think you have to take these guys in block of 20 or more so they can shoot twice. Hitting on 4’s isn’t great even with rerolling ones if you have your grudge in play. Plus if you just lose one of your twenty quarrellers you’ll lose the option to fire twice, therefore a unit of 30 is ideal. However at 360 points they’re a bit too pricey. 

I also did a couple of very small conversions on these two models by just replacing their left hands with other options from the box. Not a big change obviously but I think it just makes the models look a bit more interesting than the standard poses for the champion and standard bearer. 

Next time I’ll be showing you the cannon I’ve completed and based as well as the nearly completed Longbeards that are almost finished. 

Thanks for reading, 

Aveinus Kaane 

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