Friday 25 January 2019

Dispossessed Hammerers

Hello everyone, 

I’m back to show you my next completed Dispossessed unit the Hammerers!

This post should have been up over a week ago but a bug with the blogging app prevented me from posting it! 

I’m really happy with how they’ve came out, I decided to go with a classic metallic look to the armour. 

With the idea that Duardin would look after their weapons and armour and keep it in good condition.

The Hammerers in all their glory. I love the models and I will definitely be going for a unit of 20 but 30 could be a thing in the future. 

It was difficult to add the blue to these models in order to tie them into the rest of the army but it will be the gems and the banner that will both be a mid to light blue. 

The blonde boys on the left. I’ll be aiming to have blonde, brown, grey and ginger beards in the army. 

I have also continued to work on the longbeards beards and I’ll have an update for you soon! 

Although I still have about 100 models left to complete for 2000 points! Even with 40 models completed as it stands. Definitely a marathon for an army project! 

Thanks for reading, 

Aveinus Kaane 

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