Wednesday 30 January 2019

Community Focus - Battleground Gaming

Hello everyone

Something a bit different today as I wanted to share more of a community experience than progress of a project. First up - I spend too much of my income on the hobby. Far more than my better half believes lol. I have used many different brick and mortar, websites and visited a large amount of GWs own stores. Some of the web stores no longer exist, run into the ground by their owners. Some have had awful customer service and I have had no end of communication with their staff telling me delivery would be another month (surprisingly this is from one of the bigger and well known online shops) others have good discount but take ages to deliver. I am always happy to give new places a try.

Enter Battleground Gaming. This fairly new company popped onto my radar while I was on Facebook one day, so naturally I made a note to give them my next order. I made my order quite late on a Sunday evening. So late that I in fact made a mistake with my order (ordered Delaque instead of Van Saar - first world problems eh?). So, I immediately popped on to Facebook to see if I could drop them a message as I hate email. I received a message back within 5 minutes from the staff at Battleground, saying that it was no problem they would make sure the correct gang was sent out for me. 

The next morning, 8am, I get a message saying that my package is in read that right! The next day!! That is Amazon levels of speed! Not only did they send it next day but I received it the day after that!! It even came with a pack of Haribo that I could munch on while planning what to tackle first!!

So let me get this straight:
1. Solid discount!
2. Excellent customer service!!
3. Super fast delivery!!!

Not only that but a loyalty scheme too! I have messaged the owner a fair bit since I made the order - he is probably bored of me by now lol - and I just felt the need to support and promote this excellent business. I hope that you will all do the same as it is always amazing to help the community and hard working companies with it. 

Stay fluffy!


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