Tuesday 13 November 2018

Rogue Trader and New Chaos Space Marine Size Comparison

Hi all

Tonight I wanted to show you a bit about what I am working on and also answer a quick question I have been sent regarding Blackstone Fortress.

First up, here is my WIP Rogue Trader. I have given her an Escher head as the veil didn’t quite do it for me.

Her name is Danariel Caythea based on our old author (and my partner). I am looking forward to getting her painted but to be honest this has all come at a really bad time because I am currently in the middle of moving and I am living out of boxes lol!

Next up let’s take a look at the new Chaos Space Marine size in comparison to a Primaris Lieutenant!

As you can see, he is pretty much exactly the same height! This has been explained in the new Chris Wraight book ‘Lords of Silence’ which basically says that in the 10,000 years since heresy the Marine denizens of the warp have swollen in size due to mutation and warp goodness. I know some people will be annoyed by the sudden size creep but I think that they look amazing and it is about time that marines and their evil counterparts looked and felt bigger and more powerful.

Let me know your thoughts below :)

Stay fluffy




  1. That's interesting about the 'new' size increase. Currently reading 'The Lords of Silence' and picked up on that comment which I attributed to the bigger size of the Death Guard figures. I for one was hoping they would carry it over to future Marine releases whether traitor or loyalist.

    1. Really good book. Making me want to do some DG lol...