Saturday 3 November 2018

Blood and Glory Studio Preview

Hi all

There was a lot of new stuff revealed/hinted at last night on the Warhammer Community. 

First up, we have the next Battletome to be released for Age of Sigmar.

As you can see from the screenshot from their video (link it looks like it is going to be Moonclan. This was bound to happen at somepoint, due to the character released with Malign Portents and one of the newest Shadespire gangs both being Moonclan.

I know this release will be very popular, especially with one of the members of our group.

Next up, we have a new boxed game called Wrath and Rapture. This will see the Daemons of both Khorne and Slanessh battle it out. 

This set will include new Fiends of Slannesh.....

.....Flesh hounds.....

.....and even more new models. 

I think this is a pretty good set. Whether you do want to fight Chaos on Chaos, or even start your own Chaos allied army, this set will be a great place to start. 

The last thing of Age of Sigmar, is the first look at the next warband for Shadespire Nightvault, the Godsworn Hunt.

These are truly fantastic models, and a great addition to the Underworld. I just only hope they released a full army of these, as I know they would be extremely popular. 

That’s it for Age of Sigmar, but check out the Warhammer Community for details of the new Chapter Approved, the next chapter on Vigilus, the next house to be release for Necromunder, House Delaque, and last but by no means least, a closer look at Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress. Here’s the link

As you can see, a lot of exciting new stuff to look forward to. The only think missing would be something from Middle Earth, but we don’t want to be spoilt.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below

Take care :-) 

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