Tuesday 2 October 2018

The Eyes of the Nine. New Shadespire Warband

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Today, on Warhammer Community, we get to see an new up and coming warband for Shadespire, the Eyes of the Nine. 

As you can tell, this is the Tzeentch warband that we saw some artwork a few days ago.

First up, on the far left, we have Vortemis the All-seeing. This Magister of Tzeentch is the leader of the warband. This guy will be good in all aspects, close combat, ranged magic, and even summoning blue horrors. 

Next up, front and centre, we have K’Charik, a Tzaangor with a brutal close combat attack. 

At the back, the two Kairic Acolytes are called, Narvia and Turosh. These are good at wearing opponents down at range with their sorcerous bolts.

Last up, we have the blue and brimstone horrors. As mentioned previously, the blue horrors can be summoned.  Just like in normal battles, when these are slain, brimstone horrors take its place.

Once again, some truly great looking models. However, I am not sure how these will do in normal battles as they are not a squad. Will they just be individual hero’s? 

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