Monday 4 June 2018


Hi all, 

We have been given some more information regarding changes coming to Age of Sigmar with 2nd Edition. This time it’s Artefacts. There will now be an incredible 84 artefacts to choose from, depending on what realm you are battling in.

Each of the 7 Mortal Realms will have 6 magical weapons and 6 trinkets/pieces of armour to choose from. 

Here is an example of one for Hysh. With the change to command abilities, this could come in handy

Her is one that would be very helpful if you are going up against an army with a lot of monsters in the realm of beasts.

You can also chose to remodel our hero’s to have a ranged weapon.

I really like this as it really shows some great opportunities to really customise your hero’s. I do however hope they are balanced, otherwise we will be seeing the same ones all the time. 

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