Thursday 11 January 2018

New video. Neferata??

Hi all

A new video has gone up on the Warhammer TV Facebook page.

This video shows the priest who has been studying the Malign Portents, we have seen him in previous videos.

Then, he hears a female voice saying “i see you”. This terrifies the priest and he begins to run. 

The female voice then tells him he should pray that her children don’t take him alive. 

There are 2 females that come to mine that this voice could be. The first one is Neferata. She has just been in the Undying King, and we know there is a death Battletome coming which will feature Neferata. There is also a new novel coming soon all about her. 

The second, and probably more unlikely, is Morathi. This would be very cool, as we know she openly worshiped Slaanesh. So could this mean we will finally see what has been happening with the Dark Prince of Chaos? I guess time will tell. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below

Take care :-) 

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  1. At this stage I’m inclined to say Neferata is most likely. However Morathi and a reveal on Slaanesh story would be fantastic.

  2. Yeah I completely agree. It is very hard to say right now but like you I'd say Neferata with this all being part of a death storyline. Although with all the elf rumours floating around you can't rule out morathi!