Saturday 21 October 2017

Shadespire competition winner!

Hi everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank everybody for their entries. We've had an exceptional response, and we've enjoyed reading every one. 

We'd also like to thank Natfka and War of Sigmar for helping us spread the word. 

Each member of Age of Warhammer selected a favourite entry, which went into a hat and the winner was drawn at random. We each found it very difficult to choose a favourite, because every entry was great, and there were some fantastic, well written ideas. 

Below is the winning entry. Congratulations Jonathan Campbell, please confirm your email address underneath your comment, and we'll reach out to you. 

Bale Keep, the Sunken City

“You there. Yes, you. Come closer. My eyes may not see as well as they once did, but they can still tell a stranger from a friend. And a stranger is what you are, no? I have not seen you around here before, though I cannot imagine why one so young would wish to come here. The Realm of Shadows does not take kindly to strangers. In Ulgu, you are just as likely to lose your way in the fog, as you are to lose your life. But tell me, what brings you here? Perhaps you have heard tell of the Bale Keep and its fabled treasures? That legend has lured many adventures to an early grave. But they don’t know the true story behind the Sunken City. For if they did, they would be wise enough to stay away…

The Bale Keep’s true name has been lost for many year now. Although that is known of its past was that it was built during the Age of Myth. Hewn from the living rock of the Shrouded Peaks, the city stood as testament of goodwill between the Realms. For you see, the wealth of Bale Keep was not in jewels or precious ore, but knowledge. Lorekeepers from every Realm would travel to Bale Keep, where they would impart their knowledge into great tomes that were placed within the fabled libraries beneath the city. How much knowledge, 
now forgotten, can be found on those pages, I cannot say…

In the long centuries that followed the Age of Myth, entire civilizations were lost as the tide of Chaos swept through the realms. Marauding followers of the Dark Gods put kingdoms to the torch, their inhabitants slaughtered in foul rituals to appease the Ruinous Powers. Those that wished to survive fled to Azyr, for the God-King Sigmar protected those in the Realm of Heavens. Others did their best to hide themselves from the marauders, hoping to outlast the storm of Chaos. The men of Bale Keep would not abandon the city so easily, and so they chose the latter. A great many sorcerers were gathered, and together, they cast a spell to cloak Bale Keep from the wandering eyes of the Chaos Gods. A mist descended around the city, hiding it from the rest of the world, and for a time, all was well. 

But the Gods of Chaos are not so easily deceived. Deep beneath the Shrouded Peaks, foul creatures had made their home. Twisted beings, half man, half rat, gnawed their way up through the rock, until they had reached the city. With a rumble, the ground collapsed, 
dragging the city down into darkness. And in the dark, the ratmen came to feed.

Those that survived the collapse prayed to Sigmar for salvation. The prayers to the God-King fell on deaf ears, but other, darker Gods were listening. Nagash, the Lord of Undeath, blessed Bale Keep with a portion of his dark might. No men in the Bale Keep survived the Age of Chaos, but they continue to protect their city to this day. Where once the Bale Keep shared its secrets openly, the Undead now jealously guard it. Anyone foolish or brave enough to enter the tunnels of that cursed mountain never leave. 

For Bale Keep is a city that keeps its secrets and the dead tell no tales.”

Thanks again everyone for your entries.

Danariel x


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