Saturday 26 August 2017

Kaelo Rylanus - Silver Tower and Terrain Update

Good evening everyone!

Tonight I want to show you briefly what I have been working on. 

I have not made any further progress on my Primaris marines this week as I had planned to try to get my Silver Tower set finished so we could play some games this bank holiday weekend. Here are some pictures of the assembled models I have been working on.


My Loremaster character:

6 Tzaangors:

8 Kairic Acolytes:

Also, I am still receiving the bits and pieces I have ordered for my new grass board. I like to do projects all at once so that it is consistent. This has some cons however - for example, projects take a lot longer to complete so I go from no progress to having loads to show. It also means that projects are expensive to start but then there is obviously no cost later on. Today I received some of the Battlefield in a box hills and rocky outcrops. 

Extra Large Hill:

Large Hill:

Rocky Outcrops:

I had seen these before and wasn't a fan of the flock and I new it also wouldn't necessarily fit with the flock I would use on my future grass board. However, after reading the description, finally, I discovered that they came unflocked!!! When I unpacked them earlier today I was so impressed I wanted to show them. With a little bit of paint (change the soil to be consistent with my trees and other scenery) and my flock mixture, I think these will look fantastic on my board.

I am looking forward to completing some projects over the next few weeks and certainly will have some progress to show in my next post.

I hope you have enjoyed tonights update. Leave any comments below 🙂


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