Monday 3 July 2017

Pictures From July's White Dwarf

Hello all!

I received my subscription White Dwarf today so I thought I would share some Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 pictures with you.

New starter sets:

Helmet option for Primaris Librarian:

Options for Primaris Captain:



Easy Plague Marines:


Paintset contents:

Open War cards:

Evolution of the Space Marine:

Pic from the battle report:

New Age of Sigmar starter:

Awesome board:

Armies on Parade announced:

Preview of next month's White Dwarf:

So, as expected there is a ton of new releases for 40k and a few for AoS, all of these new bundles create a fantastic platform for new beginners in the hobby and also a cheaper option for veterans to add to their own collections!

There is a large section devoted to AoS Skirmish which looks like a really good and a section at the back for Realm of Battle ideas. 

My first thoughts are that this is a really strong White Dwarf. Looking forward to the next one :)


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