Saturday 27 May 2017

Age of Sigmar: Skirmish Review Part 3 - Games

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So today let's take a look at some pictures from the 2 games we had and see what lists were used and what the players thought:

Game one 50 Reknown:
Flesh Eater Courts:
17 Crypt Ghouls 
1 Crypt Ghast Courtier

1 Warchanter
3 Brutes
3 Ardboys

Game Two 50 Reknown:
Flesh Eater Courts:
2 Crypt Flayers
1 Crypt Infernal Courtier

1 Megaboss
2 Brutes
2 Ardboys

Here are the thoughts from our players:
Flesh Eaters - Ghroll:
'I enjoyed both of the skirmish games I played. I tried to approach both games differently, the first with the larger number of models and the second with the most powerful I could take. Both turned out to be very balanced. 

Although I do not feel there is much depth to the skirmish rule set, it is nice to have a different way to play the game. With this, and the new interesting scenarios, this definitely gets a thumbs up from me.'

Orruks - Aveinus:
'Well I can safely say I really enjoyed playing the  AoS skirmish game. With it's small force entry requirements, I think it still manages to be a tactical and immersive game. It definitely helps having great dense terrain too which you'll hopefully be able to see from the pictures we have taken. With the books new point system being based on renown, I think is a good idea, so they can keep it separate to the generals handbook and the game did feel balanced although we obviously only played with two factions. Also the command abilities and artefacts seem like a good way of creating a level playing field for those races that don't have a battletome yet! 

So the first game revolved around us setting up our forces in the four separate quarters of the board. With it being random deployment on a role of a D6 I did end up having at least one of my orruks in each quarter. Rolling a few fives and sixes I chose to keep more orruks in the quarters closest to me to avoid my forces being split up and targeted more easily. However, one poor brute did end up on his own which was actually quite interesting because the longer he survived the more ghouls he kept from the rest of my forces! With my leader being engaged too with just one brute by his side, he needed to survive as the warchanta isn't the strongest character but he did have 6 wounds which was ultimately what saved him, along with the ghouls not having any rend abilities. The orruks having 2 or more wounds was what won the game for me as I managed to reunite my forces and killed over half of his force luckily just before the bulk of the ghouls reached my general. This was a really close game though and definitely made you think fairly tactically throughout. 

Game twos scenario in my opinion wasn't as good as the first unfortunately. Although I can see it being useful for a more narrative game if that's the way you'd like to play it. This could have been down to our lists as we chose to go for smaller more powerful forces to change things up from the previous game, however for me I think it is just down to this scenario not having a enough tactics involved to make me want to keep playing the scenario in the future. So my orruks and megaboss deployed in the centre and my leader couldn't leave the central square. I had to keep him alive for five turns while the three crypt flayers tried to assassinate him. However, with no shooting, limited movement and the fact that I would lose my synergy with my leader, I chose to close ranks and make him come to me as I didn't see rewards in fighting these beasties with a single orruk or two. After limited shouting the flayers charged and essentially the punching match began. With my buffs and brutes abilities in play it was again very fair and all of the flayers finished on one wound. However the courtier prevailed in his duel with the megaboss, his mortal wound claws wounded every turn and won the flesheaters the second game! 

Overall though it's a big thumbs up from me. I think playing scenarios with multiple objectives or relics to fight over will really make it enjoyable and tactical even with fewer models on the table. Next I'll be having a go with my dispossessed!'

So there you go, overall a thumbs up from the blog! Definitely something I will be using to motivate me to paint!

What are all your thoughts so far?

Stay tuned and stay fluffy!


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